Tips on Knowing the Country Code on Your Iphone - 2019 update

Tips on Knowing the Country Code on Your Iphone - 2019 update

Ever bought a used Iphone at an online store? Or from buying and selling stalls on your social media? If ever, have you ever felt disappointed because of several things? Both of the quality of goods, the quality of software, hardware and of course some features that make you upset, many countries that make the iPhone and of course every country has a code for the iPhone made in the country itself, this certainly makes a distinctive feature for the iPhone, an example of the country Japan, Japan has JP / Axxx code for iPhone made in Japan. What is the function of the country code? There are so many things wrong when buying a used iphone, one of which is to choose a country that has a camera policy that cannot be muted (for example, Japan) and of course how to get a claim about the iPhone warranty itself. Then how to find out the country code on the iPhone? Don't worry, this time I will give you an easy way to see the country code on your iPhone or iPhone that you are going to buy.

How to find the country code on your iPhone.

There are several ways to find out the country code on our iPhone, but before we discuss how to find the country code, I will give you some country codes for making iPhone in the world.

  • AB : Egypt , Jordan , Saudi Arabia , United Arab Emirates
  • B   : Ireland , UK 
  • BR : Brazil
  • BZ : Brazil
  • C   : Canada
  • CH : China
  • CZ : Czech Republic
  • D   : Germany
  • DN : Austria , Germany , Neatherland
  • E    : Mexico
  • EE  : Estonia
  • FB  : France , Luxembourgh
  • FD  : Austria , Switzherland
  • GR  : Greece
  • HN  : Hindia
  • IP     : Italia
  • HB   : Israel
  • J      : Japan
  • KN   : Norway
  • KS    : Finland , Sweden
  • LA    : Colombia
  • LL     : USA
  • LZ    : Chile
  • MG   : Hungary
  • MY   : Malaysia
  • NF    : France
  • PL    : Poland
  • PO   : Portugal
  • PP    : Philipines
  • RO   : Romania
  • RS    : Rusia
  • SL    : Slovakia
  • SO   : South Africa
  • T      : Italia
  • TA    : Taiwan
  • TU    : Turkey 
  • X       : Australia , New Zealand , 
  • Y       : Spain
  • ZA    : Singapore
  • ZP    : Hongkong , Macau

That's the iPhone country code throughout the world, here is an easy way to find out the iPhone country code that you will buy

1. First enter into your iPhone's settings.
2. Look for a menu that has a GENERAL name
3. After that try to enter the "About" menu
4. Look at your country code as shown below.

So now you see and now you know which iPhone you are from.

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