How To Chek Hardware Your Iphone Original or No

How To Check Hardware Iphone

Hay guys whats up , welcome to my blogger , i have a trick how to cek hardware Iphone , what this original or No , first time you need some software on your device ( Windows ) this software you can download free or you not boght to get this software , name of software is 3uTools you can search on Google and you can find this software. Dont worry about this software because this software 100% save your iphone and no broke your device like a your windows or your iphone. And then we will discuss how to use this software to check spare part iphone original or no.

Step by Step How to Use Software 3Utools to Check Your Iphone

• First Download 3tool on your windows , you can search on google or you can click here

• Ok next , when you finish download this software and then you can instal 3uTools
- Search your software
- Click this apps . and click run to instal
- Follow step by step instalasing with rekomend this Software

• When you finish instal , Open Apps 3uTools
- Click right or clik and enter on your keybord

• Connect your iphone and device ( windows ) with USB

• This screenshot when you connect iphone and your device ( windows )

how to check data usage on iphone,how to check iphone for virus

• Next click View Vertification Report on 3uTools

• And then you can see about hardware your iphone original or no

iphone SE,Check virus for iphone,check data usage on iphone

• When all hardware iphone normal like this picture , means it's original and when you look some with collor red means it's not original.

This tips you can check when you buy iphone 2nd , and you can see all software and hardware iphone before you pay.
Ok thank you for and good luck :)

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