Hello guys back again at my blogger, where I haven't been active for a long time on my blog, because there were some problems with my life

so on the occasion I will share how to overcome the lag in the mobile PUBG game in patch v.0.14.0 Some people might have a smartphone that might not be so smooth when playing this game, but don't worry I always have a way to reduce the lag in the game How to ? please refer to this article Most of the problems experienced by players of this game are the rendering texture game problem, so this time I share the special script that I have edited as much as possible so that the game's Texture becomes a little worse but produces FPS which can reduce lag in this game

1. Download File Config at: click here

2. Open the file that you downloaded earlier copy (Custom user only)
3. After you have succeeded, you just need to download what you have copied earlier in the game
4. First of all * Enter Internal Storage on your Smartphone * Enter the Android Menu * Enter the Data Menu * Then how to PUBG file (com.tancet.ig) * After that go to the File menu * Then enter UE4game menu * Enter the ShadowTrackerExtra menu again * Enter the ShadowTrackerExtra menu again * Enter the Saved Menu * Enter Config Menu * Enter the Android Menu Then find the file named (usercustom.ini) after that we need to do editing manually I suggest using the EsExplorefile application or you can download it via the link: click here After you succeed, the last step is to paste the file that you copied earlier into the Usercustom.ini file and finally you just need to save it Hopefully it is useful and if you have a problem you can contact me via the contact form for the video version you can watch the video here: how to fix lag in PUBG Mobile thank you

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